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September 11, 2015

Oil Slide Pressures Stocks but Weekly Gain Intact

Stocks point lower in early action but a weekly gain for the major averages is still salvageable and adds to the tension facing interest rate decision-makers.

September 10, 2015

Good Economic News is Depressing Street, Seen Greenlighting Fed Hike

Sloppiness for European and Asian shares could spread to U.S. equities, although the futures market bobbed between gains and losses in a follow-up to ...

September 9, 2015

Apple Product Parade Returns Stock Market's Focus to Big Names

Today’s story might get micro, real fast. If there’s one individual stock that can grip the entire market with news, it’s Apple.

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September 8, 2015

Stocks Goosed by Hopes China’s Sagging Numbers Will Trigger Stimulus

U.S. stock indexes are positioned to start a holiday-shortened week with gains, taking cues from relative stability in Chinese markets even as China’s ...

September 4, 2015

August’s Ho-Hum Hiring May Not Be Enough to Slow Fed

Early stock indicators slumped ahead of and after a fuzzy Friday morning job-market report that only intensifies the debate around the mid-month ...

September 3, 2015

Can Stocks Log Three Wins in a Row? Ready-to-Act ECB Could Help

U.S. stocks logged early gains Thursday, spurred on by European stock gains after dovish comments from the European Central Bank.

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September 2, 2015

China’s Stock Bounce Translates to U.S. Gains, Boosted By Jobs Data

Calm temporarily returned to Chinese markets, helped by a looming two-day market close for a holiday there and a report in the Chinese press of pledge ...

September 1, 2015

September is Stocks’ Cruelest Month but Did Punishment Come Early?

Strap in. This retreat is no small affair as long as China’s economic problems and interest rate uncertainty smother financial markets. The downbeat backdrop ...

August 31, 2015

Will U.S. Stocks Follow Asia’s Red-Ink Finish to a Volatile August?

After one of the craziest weeks in memory, Wall Street digs in for more volatility as investors revalue the stock market. This mind shift plays out ...

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August 28, 2015

Volatile End to Dizzying Week? Market Turmoil Clouds Fed Talks

A propped-up Chinese stock market logged a second day of gains but the action may not be enough to soothe jittery investors across major markets ...

August 27, 2015

Flimsy Rebound or Stock Staying-Power? Oil, China, GDP Factor in Trading

Can this stock market bounce stretch to back-to-back days? Early action pointed to U.S. stock gains, which would build on a late-day Wednesday rally ...

August 26, 2015

Rally May Find Legs in Factory Data, Deal News but Volatility Persists

U.S. stocks positioned for another rally attempt, with Wall Street spurred on by China’s scurry to plump up the globe’s second-largest economy ...

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August 25, 2015

Be Ready – Stock Stampede Works Both Ways

China’s new day dawned with aggressive stock selling even as its central bank cut interest rates for the fifth time since November and shored up bank reserves.

August 24, 2015

Update: Rocky Conditions Return for Market’s Week Ahead

Monday’s stock market washout has been all but mopped up this afternoon—a sign that high-volume volatility is likely to be a multi-week event, not a few days’ ...

August 21, 2015

Update: Healthy Haircut for Stocks? SPX 2000 Must Hold

Is this the stock market’s healthy back-to-school haircut? Or a butch that will force the bulls (and the Federal Reserve) to take a good look at the global economy?

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August 20, 2015

Stocks Continue to Slide on Oil Slick, Fed Fuzziness

Stocks were on track for a third day in the red as traders come to terms with an indecisive Federal Reserve and the continued slump in oil prices ...

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