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TD Ameritrade Chatbot Now on Facebook Messenger

October 27, 2017
Facebook Messenger and TD Ameritrade chatbot, artificial intelligence

With just a few clicks in Facebook Messenger, you can now access market information and education, all thanks to TD Ameritrade’s new chatbot.

“It’s an attempt to reach out to clients—current and prospective—who have busy lifestyles and want access to financial information fast,” says Sunayna Tuteja, director of innovation and strategic partnership at TD Ameritrade. 

The moment the chatbot opens, you’ll see updates on the S&P 500 Index (SPX), NASDAQ (COMP), and Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJI). You can even watch educational videos on investment topics such as retirement plan alternatives.

“At TD Ameritrade we are using the power of technology to make finance more personal. Finding the time to focus on investing is difficult, yet it’s critical,” Tuteja says.

"People are already on Facebook Messenger talking to their friends and family, so TD Ameritrade decided to make it easier to stay connected to markets and portfolios," Tuteja said.

Informational and Educational

Because the chatbot is powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and has a rich knowledge base, education is just a few clicks away.

“Type in ‘401(k)’ and within seconds the chatbot will pull up suggested videos for you to view,” Tuteja explained. “Nobody wants to read a 20-page document. People want quick, snackable video content when they are on the go.”

The AI chatbot also has the ability to steer users toward information related to their questions. For example, a user who asks about a 401(k) to information may also be directed to information about a Roth IRA.

“It starts to educate you about other topics so you can become a more empowered and more confident investor,” Tuteja says.

TD Ameritrade Chatbot


The TD Ameritrade Chatbot makes it easy to place an order or discover topics such as news, education, and financial market research.

Trading Enabled Through Messenger

Recently, significant features were added to the chatbot that originally launched in August 2017, giving TD Ameritrade clients another channel where they can trade and engage with their investment accounts. In the October release, new financial market research and education content were added to the automated experience on Messenger.

New functionality features include:

  • Equity and ETF trading available through the TD Ameritrade experience on Messenger, providing clients greater access to the 296 ETFs on TD Ameritrade's newly expanded commission-free list.
  • Clients can easily fund their TD Ameritrade accounts by making ACH deposits through the secure TD Ameritrade experience via Messenger.
  • Clients with TD Ameritrade Essential Portfolios offered by TD Ameritrade Investment Management, LLC, can get access to those accounts and their quarterly performance video statements.
  • The TD Ameritrade Chatbot shares a weekly financial market recap, an alert summarizing market moves and sector highlights, and offers a new line-up of financial education content.

Pick Your Preference

The experience offers a combination of high tech, delivered by the chatbot, and support backed by a talented response team.

At any given point, you can say you want to talk to an agent, and the response team will jump right in. 

Plus, that person will see what’s been discussed already, which can sidestep a tedious encore of your question or issue.

Can I Connect to Chatbot Without a TD Ameritrade Account?

Absolutely. But TD Ameritrade hopes you like what you see and will decide to become a client.

“The biggest reason we’re doing this is, ultimately, we want to offer the best of TD Ameritrade's experience, education and expertise,” Tuteja notes.

Need Answers? Let's Chat.

The TD Ameritrade Chatbot for Facebook Messenger is available to give you stock quotes, market news, educational videos, and even account information.

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