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My Dock: Dashboard for Streaming Watch Lists, Positions, and More

April 27, 2018
My Dock: Dashboard for Streaming Watch Lists, Positions, and More

Looking for quick access to the information that matters most to you? My Dock is a dashboard on the website that allows you to conveniently see information like streaming watch lists and positions, account balances, market news, and more—no matter where you navigate to on the site. Reference the information in the dock anytime, then place a trade from SnapTicket® at the bottom of the screen.

How to Open and Customize My Dock

To open My Dock, select Dock at the top right of your computer screen.* The default view includes modules which you may find useful—Account Balance, Watch List, Indices, Stock Events, and more. However, you can add, remove, and rearrange modules to fit your needs. 

*Note: due to screen size limitations, My Dock is not compatible with smartphones or tablets. My Dock isn't available when a screen resolution is set to less than 1024x768 pixels or if your browser font size is set to larger than 150%. If you don’t see the Dock button at the top of your screen, try adjusting your browser settings.

Opening My Dock


For illustrative purposes only.

To add news, quotes, indices, or any of the available alternatives, select Add modules at the top of the dock. Want to change your lineup? Select the gear icon at the top of any module, then click Remove module. To move a module, press and hold the module header, then drag it to a new location. To collapse the dock, select the Dock button again or select the X in the top right corner of the dock. 

Add, browse, remove modules.


Select Add modules to browse all modules and add to your dock. Use the gear icons to remove a module. For illustrative purposes only.

There are over a dozen modules from which to choose. You can configure in any order you like, and you spread them out among four columns, with up to five modules per column. Here are some of the top modules:


  • Watch List. Reference your streaming watch lists, or filter by your positions. You can add up to five modules per column. Hovering over a symbol pulls up a quote box that allows you to place an order from SnapTicket.
  • Shortcuts. Add your most-used pages for easy access. For example, add the Order Status page to quickly check the status of an open order.
  • Streaming Quote­. Research by symbol. And as with Watch List, you can hover over a symbol and use the Buy/Sell buttons in the module to place an order from SnapTicket.
  • Yahoo Finance. View Yahoo’s market news headlines while trading or researching, and search news by symbol.
  • Stock Indices. See the current price, net change and a daily chart of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, S&P 500, and NASDAQ Composite indices.   
Hover over a symbol to pull up a trade ticket.


Hover over a symbol in the Watch List module to place an order via SnapTicket. For illustrative purposes only.

Watch the demo below to learn how to use the dock. To try it yourself, log in to your account at

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